“Gardez-vous de comprendre.”

Jacques Lacan

On explicit request we can start a psychoanalytical process. Through free association during which (subconscious) desires may surface, the meaning and function of symptoms are studied. The theoretical and ethical foundation is Lacanian. This ethical foundation to me represents foremost a suspension of understanding and the primary place of desire. Freedom of speaking is both the instrument and goal of the process.

Online psychoanalysis

I provide online psychoanalysis as well, allowing you to receive therapy in a place that’s comfortable for you. This eliminates the need to commute, making it convenient for individuals who live in a remote area or frequently travel, thus ensuring the continuity of the process.

However, please note that the first three sessions and one yearly session must take place in a live setting either in Antwerp (Belgium) or Paris (France). The first three sessions can occur in a single day if it suits your schedule and preferences.

The frequency of your psychoanalysis sessions can be discussed and tailored to your individual needs.

To initiate the process, please send me an email at and kindly specify you are interested in a psychoanalytical process and whether you are able to come to Antwerp or Paris, or if you would like me to come to you (please understand that you will be responsible for covering the associated costs).

The sessions can take place in Dutch, English or French.