About me

  • Licentiate in Philosophy, Ghent University
  • Master in clinical psychology, Ghent University
  • Postgraduate course in psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adults, Ghent University
  • Lecture series ‘Philosophical consultant’, Philomix, Amsterdam
  • Mindfulness training MBCT, David Dewulf, Ghent
  • PhD degree from Radboud University, Nijmegen
  • Member of the Commission of Psychologists (recognition number 782110507)
  • Member of the Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists
  • Member of the Belgian Federation of Psychologists.

As a philosopher, I am open to questions that go beyond psychological issues. After all, these are often related to life questions such as “Where do I want to go with my life?”, “Who am I (to the other)?” or ethical and moral issues. Many philosophers have tried to find answers to these questions and I can guide you to translate and apply these answers to your own life.

I have a passion for literature, mainly fiction. My favourite authors include Marcel Proust, Thomas Mann, Haruki Murakami, Virginia Woolf, Jorge Luis Borges,… Philosophers who particularly fascinate me are Jacques Derrida, Jean-Paul Sartre, Georg Hegel, Jacques Lacan, Slavoj Zizek, Irvin Yalom, Judith Butler,…