About me

I am a philosopher (licentiate Ghent University) and clinical psychologist (Master Ghent University). I am a member of the Commission of Psychologists (registration number 782110507), the Flemish Society for Clinical Psychologists and the Belgian Federation for Psychologists.

As a therapist I start from the intrinsic value of every individual. Each has his or her own story, everyone has their own unique perception. I insist on staying open-minded, without judgement. During our conversations, we build a therapeutic relationship which means that I can guide you using my theoretical background on your journey through your thoughts, feelings and your story. These encounters take place in an atmosphere of trust and openness.

As a philosopher, I am also open to questions that reach beyond the realm of the psychological. Often, psychological issues are related to life questions such as ‘Where do I want my life to go’, ‘Who am I really?’ or ethical and moral difficulties. Many philosophers have tried to answer these questions and I can help you translate and apply their answers to your own situation.